Wheaton 60187 60189

wheaton 60187 60189

Wheaton, IL 60189

Ahhhhh, the quiet, pleasant hamlet of Wheaton IL. Man, do I love it there. If you’re from Wheaton or happen to know of it, you may be familiar with those handsome Wheaton Towers. Well, it turns out, I used to live there! Yep! That’s right, I would go to the Carribou coffee on the corner by the train station (I’m not even sure it’s there anymore), visit the farmers market, toss back a pint at Muldoon’s and eat a Gino’s East. There’s a special small town charm that Wheaton has, even though there’s a lot to do.  That experience is something I have yet to feel anywhere else. I think back often to my time living in Wheaton and if ever given the chance I would certainly like to live there again.

That is why I’m so excited to be announcing that we’re expanding our service area (once again!) to Wheaton. I’m excited to get back to the town I spent so much time in, not too long ago. So give me a reason to get back there and book an appointment! You can even to it online here! 🙂