Top Dog Groomers

Top Dog Groomers

We Have the Top Dog Groomers Around


At Wet Noses Mobile Dog Grooming, we care greatly about a number of things, a few of which are dogs, family, safety, clients, friends and quality. Our dog groomers are not strangers to us, they’re not just out of school and there not an unknown. After being in the dog grooming business for so long, I am very lucky to have worked with and personally known many dog groomers and we have most of them on staff currently! These aren’t people I worked with for a year or so, they are people I’ve known for years and whom I trust with my own dogs… That is honestly one of the biggest compliments I could give to a dog groomer.. the fact that I would trust them with my own pets.

I know you’re going to love the dog groomers who arrive to your house. As clients / groomers, we get to know one another. We catch up after arriving to your dog’s most recent appointment. We share Christmas cards, we laugh, we talk and we love to do this day in and day out.

You should see the girls coming home and excitedly telling me about how great ‘this dog was’ and how they were so happy to see ‘that dog again’

I sincerely hope you get to know and love whichever dog groomer is coming to your house and that a relationship is born between you, your dog and your dog groomer. I know the girls would love that!