30+ Years of Dog Grooming Experience


30+ combined years of dog grooming experience is a long time! When those vans are sitting in your driveway and the dog groomer is inside grooming your dog, you can rest easy knowing that they’re experienced, safe, loving and have lasted longer in this industry than most. Our dog groomers have on average 10 years of experience under their belt.

Did you know many dog groomers don’t make it?


Like anything, it takes a certain person to perform a given trade, or achieve a certain skill set. Dog grooming is no different, but actually might have a faster “burnout” rate than many other industries – so the ones that last as long as our dog groomers have, you know were born to do this. Dog grooming is a very selective and hard-to-master skill and many decide it is too hard, to stressful or takes to long to master. Again, that’s why you want the one’s who have what it takes to last as long as they have.

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