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It’s only natural that you’re curious about who we are as dog groomers. We want you to know all about us! The more comfortable you are, the better the experience.

Not only is Wet Noses Mobile Dog Grooming centered around you and your pet, we’re also conscious of the needs, demands and the requirements of the 21st century. Our three groomers have over 25 years of combined experience! If you’d like to learn more you can visit the “Meet Your Mobile Groomers” page here

Some groomers may be good with a clipper, but are they good with your dog? Can you put your faith into a business that doesn’t have a webpage, or only a Google+ page? From first hand experience, we know that the non-business minded groomer can’t be counted on year after year. We Can Be.

Our groomers have worked across the Chicago-land area for mobile groomers and traditional groomers alike. When looking for a groomer, one must ask if the groomer can efficiently and politely communicate what your pet needs, or what additional treatment it may require? Are they efficient getting in and out of your driveway with a large van? Do they have the experience and credentials to groom your pet safety, properly and efficiently? Can they arrive to your home with the best that 21st century technology can offer?

If the answer to any of these is ‘no’ , than give us a call. Because we can. We don’t intend to be boastful, but when you only hire the best and only provide the best, you happen to begin to feel the best.

No matter the pet, from big to small and no matter the size of the job, we promise to deliver our best everytime – and with a smile! 🙂


The Wet Noses Mobile Grooming Team.

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Our Team

Nicole – Mobile Dog Groomer
Nicole – Mobile Dog Groomer
Nicole has been grooming dogs for 5 years. She’s amazing with all the dogs, she’s very sweet and gentle. She always has a smile on her face. She...
Katrina – Mobile Dog Groomer
Katrina – Mobile Dog Groomer
Meet Katrina! She’s been grooming dogs for 11 years! She has 4 beautiful daughters, and a dachshund named autumn. She is our cat groomer as well...
Tori – Mobile Dog Groomer
Tori – Mobile Dog Groomer
Tori is always happy to see her clients and loves dog grooming! She is no stranger to dogs, growing up in a 4 – large dog household! She...

Our first time using this mobile groomer. Extremely happy with the groomer and experience. Thank you!

Susan W

I used Wet Noses Mobile Grooming for the first time and I love the fact that they pull right up in the driveway and the time to groom my golden retriever is so fast. My golden retriever does not have to be in a cage for 4 hours waiting for me to pick him up. He is more relaxed with this way of grooming. Wet Noses did an excellent job and I will surely use them going forward

Chris O

No more "high anxiety" trips to vet or grooming places for bath and nails... Wet Noses pulls up in ur driveway ( on time) and greets ur dog at your door and walks them to their mobile SPA... and out comes a happy dog ! Great service and great people!

Sandy F