4 Tips To Help You Choose The Right Mobile Dog Grooming Service

4 Tips To Help You Choose The Right Mobile Dog Grooming Service

Wet Noses Mobile Dog Grooming has been in the business of grooming dogs and cats all over Chicago for over 2 years and counting. In fact, when we just started out, the concept of a professional groomer who came home to give a pet a bath or a customized treatment was simply too good to be true. We were often asked questions like’ Why don’t you guys have a pet salon?’ or ‘Do you offer only mobile services?’ Today everybody leads a fast paced life and having a mobile dog groomer who comes to your doorstep is no longer seen as something strange; in fact we’re been welcomed with big smiles and wagging tails wherever we go. That’s part of the reason why Wet Noses Mobile Grooming is slowly expanding to other Chicago suburbs too- just so that your pet can have a pawsitively great start to a day!

Yes, groomers on wheels are definitely a blessing but what should you look for when choosing a mobile dog groomer? Here are 4 tips to keep in mind:

Check Out Their Credentials

You wouldn’t let a person you weren’t comfortable with look after your children and the same rules applies to your pets too. Don’t be afraid to check the credentials of a mobile dog groomer before allowing them to handle your pets. Wet Noses Mobile Grooming has over 25 years of experience that we’re proud to bring to you.

Talk To The Groomer

Sure, the person you spoke with on the phone while making the appointment for your dog was very sweet but what about the groomer who is going to bathe your buddy? Make sure that you meet him or her in person before entrusting your pet to them. A professional groomer will always be gentle with pets and patiently answer any questions you may have- just like our groomers who love making new friends.

Ask About The Rates

A dubious mobile grooming service would be vague about how much you are expected to pay after the session is over, but at Wet Noses Mobile Grooming, we believe in being transparent about our rates. Just log onto www.wetnosesgrooming.com and you’ll find all our rates displayed on the ‘Our Prices’ page specifying the breed of the dog. Want to treat your pet to a lil extra? No problem, we have specialty treatments with the prices listed too.

Read What Other Customers Say

There’s no better feedback than the reviews given by customers who have tried our mobile grooming services for themselves and we encourage you to read their comments on our Facebook page and website for yourself. We’re happy to say that we’ve crossed 100 five star reviews on Facebook alone!

Don’t wait any longer to make your fuzzy pal feel special. Call us today and let your pets look pawsomely better!

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