4 Reasons Why Your Dog Needs To Be Groomed Regularly

4 Reasons Why Your Dog Needs To Be Groomed Regularly

Grooming your dog shouldn’t be a one-time task because far from being a privilege, it is actually a necessity. Keeping your dog well-groomed at all times, is the best way to ensure that the coat stays manageable and also that any infections or skin related issues can be addressed immediately.

Haven’t really thought about dog grooming seriously? Here are 4 reasons why scheduling a regular grooming session is important and could save you trips to the vet later:

Keeps an Eye on Overall Health

The problem with a dog’s coat is that it tends to be quite thick and is often the perfect breeding ground for parasites and other pests. By getting a professional mobile dog grooming service like Wet Noses to give your dog a bath regularly, you also ensure that unseen concerns like small red spots, bleeding or bumps can be treated without delay. Grooming is the best way to detect health issues before they become life threatening.

Helps Your Dog Look Great

In the hands of a professional groomer, your dog’s skin and coat takes on a new life. Besides looking shiny, a well brushed and groomed coat is a good indicator of a dog’s health and well-being. Maintaining a regular grooming routine helps your pet become used to getting bathed and brushed at regular intervals.

The Emotional Benefits

When your dog is groomed by a professional groomer, it’s a lesson on how to behave around strangers. Many owners think that allowing their dogs to interact with strangers is a bad idea because their behaviour can be unpredictable. But on the other hand, not allowing them to interact hampers their emotional development too and of course, makes walks in the park much more difficult. Grooming is a great way to keep your dog’s physical, mental and emotional health top notch.

A Cleaner Home

A regularly groomed dog also means a dog with less skin and coat infections as well as less deshedding. You’ll have fewer instances of unwanted and harmful pests entering your home as well. It’s a well-known fact that humans too can get bitten by mites and fleas, so grooming a dog that loves to spend time outdoors is crucial in this regard.

Wet Noses Mobile Dog Grooming is here to help take the load off your hands and ensure that your dog stays healthy and happy, with our grooming treatments. Give us a call today and we’ll set up an appointment for your pawsome buddy soon.

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