Wet Noses Mobile Grooming Sponsors the Chicago 2017 Badass Dash

Wet Noses Mobile Grooming Sponsors the Chicago 2017 Badass Dash

Truth be told, we could barely contain our excitement a few months back when we heard that the Badass Dash was going to be held in Chicago in the month of July. As you know, the Badass Dash is the ultimate challenge for an adrenalin junkie and has even earned a reputation for being one of the toughest obstacle challenges around for adults. Climbing, running, crawling, swimming- these are just a few of the tough cardio activities that participants must undergo in order to complete the race. Oh, and did we mention that there are 40 such badass obstacles waiting to test your endurance?

So, what was Wet Noses Mobile Dog Grooming doing at the Badass Dash anyways? Well, of course we were all up for cheering our friends and family as they participated in the obstacle race but we honestly couldn’t miss the oppawtunity to meet and greet so many furry four legged companions Yes, the Badass Dash also hosts special dif-fur-rent competitions in which dogs are allowed to compete along with their owners. As old timers in the mobile dog grooming industry, we personally think there’s no cuter sight on the planet than watching a dog enjoying himself with his master by his side. And we weren’t disappointed! All our new canine friends put on such a good show as they crawled under walls, showed off their swimming skills and got to roll in the mud, with legit permission from the owners of course. Just the sight of all those beauties having fun in the sun and being on their best behavior was so heartwarming.

We’re happy to report that our experienced mobile dog groomers were able to delight many of the owners at the Badass Dash with our on the spot grooming services. Shampoo baths, day spa packages, fur detangling washes and even flea/tick treatments – these are just a few of our mobile dog grooming services that made our new canine friends really happy. After all, competing is no small feat and after a hot day in the sun, there’s no better way to relax than with lots of pampering!

Here’s more good news- Wet Noses Mobile Dog Grooming services are available right at your doorstep for your furry pal. Give us a call on 847-345-5246 for an appointment this week or simply visit www.wetnosesgrooming.com to read more about us.

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