Wet Noses Mobile Grooming: 35 Years of Experience

Wet Noses Mobile Grooming: 35 Years of Experience

30 years… Take a quick moment to count to thirty… Done? By using the one..Two..Three..Four..method it sort of makes 30 seem like a lot doesn’t it?

Besides the typical high-school part time jobs, Jessica has had 1 career path: Dog Grooming. And while she’s worked for a few dog grooming places over the years, it has been always as a dog groomer. She has a passion for it, a love for animals and was lucky enough to find such a skill and passion so early on into her professional working life. That is something that cannot be easily said for most people – well, at least the people I know. As her husband, I have had more jobs, across so many fields I couldn’t confidently say how many there have been – finally over the last few years I have found my niche and have nestled into doing what I like to do, but when I think about Jessica and her dog grooming I can’t help but think how much further, experienced and comfortable she is with dog grooming than I am with my career path thanks to her years in the profession.

Wet Noses has been growing larger and larger and as we have mentioned in the past, it has gotten to be too much for just Jessica on her own and a few months back, we had began our search for a second groomer to add to our dog grooming family.

We’re quite happy with the outcome, we hired our very first employee last week, Igor! Coming in with a massive 25 years of dog grooming experience, Igor is a seasoned pro with a love for dogs and an amazing knack for dog grooming.

We really were quite particular with our hiring process. Wet Noses is our baby, our clients and their pets are extended family and we needed someone we could feel confident that could deliver the same level of excellence that Jessica does.

We were aware that having a man working as a dog groomer for us, may throw some people off – there’s not much sugar coating it and there’s no reason to deny that some people may be a little timid. However, we urge everyone to keep in mind that Igor has been doing this for a LONG time and is excellent at what he does – if he weren’t we certainly wouldn’t have hired him.

It really is amazing to think that our company that didn’t start all that long ago, is now delivering 3.5 decades worth of grooming experience to its customers. We couldn’t be happier. We couldn’t be prouder and we cannot wait to see what happens next.

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