Voyage Chicago Features Wet Noses Mobile Grooming in “Inspiring Entrepreneur” Series

Voyage Chicago Features Wet Noses Mobile Grooming in “Inspiring Entrepreneur” Series

Wet Noses Mobile Dog Grooming continues to grab the

attention of the Western Suburbs.

Wet Noses Mobile Grooming is super thrilled to share some great news with all our furry friends and their owners! We’ve been featured on, which as you all know is the one-stop-site for anything and everything Chicago-esque. We’re so happy that the interview with our founder Jessica Hunter has been a hit and we’ve been getting plenty of inquiries about the exclusive doggy and kitty services that we offer. Not to forget many encouraging comments from our patrons too!

During the interview, Jessica was asked all sorts of questions such as “What sets us apart”, “What sort of obstacles we ran into” and “What’s Next”

So, why do pets all across Chicago look forward to Wet Noses Mobile Grooming services? Well, to put it very simply- we are a bunch of groomers who are die hard dog and cat lovers first. Secondly, we offer a range of services that include grooming, walking your dog and even pet sitting. Our grooming services in particular are specially customized to suit your pet’s coat and skin. Worried about the unnatural hair shedding all over your house? We’ve got an ace de-shedding treatment for your lil pal that’s guaranteed to give results. Or maybe it’s your best buddy’s birthday and you’d like to treat him to a relaxing spa session? Our Day Spa package will make your pet feel nothing less than a million bucks. Oh, and for pets who love to get dirty, a Mud Bath will be their dream come true!

“When you have a genuine love for what you do and a passion for the work/service you’re providing, it absolutely translates into your businesses success.”

Wet Noses Mobile Grooming is a class apart in so many ways. Unlike other ‘professional’ groomers, we enjoy meeting our furry clients every day and spending time getting them spruced up and looking more gorgeous. And don’t be surprised if you find a hair clip or a pretty bow on your pet because we think they secretly enjoy getting dressed up too! We also think that you shouldn’t have to travel far just to give your pet some furry love and care, which is why all you have to do is to give us a call and we’ll fix an appointment to meet your pet at your place. We’re expanding our areas of service throughout Chicago so don’t worry if we can’t pamper your pet just yet, because we promise we will be in your town soon!

“So what’s next? Any big plans?” We were asked.

“We have LOTS of big ideas for the future. We’re greatly looking forward to our continued work with dog rescues and charities such as the Animal House Foundation. We’d like to expand further into the Northshore and we even have some out of state expansion ideas in the works. Everything we’re focused on doing moving forward is to provide pets with a better quality of service and in many cases, quality of life.”

As our founder Jessica mentions in the interview, Wet Noses Grooming is also actively involved with dog rescues and works closely with the Animal House Foundation as well. Want to chat with us about our services or just share a comment or two? Then connect with us today on or simply email us at

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