Tour the Mobile Grooming Vans

Tour the Mobile Grooming Vans
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Many people are curious about how our dog grooming vans work and what they looks like and we’re happy to tell them! Wet Noses Mobile Dog Grooming vans are brand new, straight from the dealer – they than go off to the best grooming van converters in the country to get completely custom outfitted to suit our needs. We have everything needed to groom your dogs aboard our van and we require nothing in the way of utilities. Our vans are meticulously maintained, climate controlled, have a water heater, AC, furnace, full LED lighting, tons of interior space and thanks to the Ford EcoBoost engines they have, are pretty good on gas! So let’s continue with a photo tour of the space that your pet is sure to enjoy! Below is a YouTube walk through video we made, or if you choose, there is a picture-by-picture walk through

Here, you’ll see the passenger side of the van, which has the very large sliding door that accesses the back grooming area. The van is low enough and has side-step access which make is easy for large & older dogs to get in and out!

The white square panel to the left is the access panel for our water heater and above that is the exhaust for our furnace.

If you look at the top of the van, you’ll see 4 black boxes. The smaller ones are all fans that we can control to take in fresh air, exhaust damp/ old air… or both! The larger box is a compact & powerful air conditioning unit that is the same (or similar) as one in an RV.

Our vans have 4 wheels in the rear allowing for the safe distribution of weight and terrific stability on the road.

This is the main grooming area. You’ll see our electric/hydraulic tables that automatically rise and fall via the foot pedal (which provide safety for your pet & our groomers!). All of our vans are also equipped with fire extinguishers as an extra safety precaution. The cabinets you see are fastened with a high strength push/pull latches which eliminates the possibility of them getting bumped & items falling out of them. The flooring has a commercial grade non-slip surface preventing the possibility of slipping.

(Note: our vans are so well looked after, this one still has the plastic on the safety handle to the right :))

In this picture you can see the LED lighting strips which provide very bright – yet gentle light. Any older grooming vans will have the older florescent lighting that flickers, stresses the eye AND introduces glass into the grooming area.


Here’s a close-up of our grooming tables. These are also coated in the same non-slip coating as our flooring. It is grippy, yet gentle. You cannot see in this picture, but underneath there’s a slide-out walkway that leads your dog directly from the table to the tub! How cool is that?? This is especially great for large and/or older dogs!

Our tubs are large, fully stainless steel units, with plenty of attachment points strategically placed for dogs of all sizes. Towards the bottom you’ll notice a grate that the dogs stand on so that they’re elevated off of the bottom of the tub. No water to soak the paws and no dirty water sitting on your dog’s coat! The square box on the right is actually a flip up door/chute that the dirty towels are tossed into which eliminates smell, mess or dampness in the grooming area.

A quick picture of the tub in action, Inky boy is enjoying his bath!

This is the rear- driver’s side portion of the van. You’ll see we have our fresh water hookup as well as 2 “shore line” electrical outlets. We use a generator for all of our grooming needs, plus the van has two batteries – however we plug the vans in at night during the winter to keep the water tank heaters warm as well as the inside of the van climate controlled. That means when it is 10 degrees outside and we come to our first appointment of the day, the van is already a nice and warm 70-75F! The shore line connection is also handy when we spend hours deep cleaning the van. All electrical connections are insulated and water-proof for extra protection.

So there you have it! We hope you enjoyed your tour through our brand new grooming vans. If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to ask, we love talking about them. We wanted to be sure to include this tour so you get an EXACT idea of where your dogs will be bathed and groomed whilst in our care. You no longer have to worry where your dog is going when the storefront groomers take them into that mysterious room in the back (it’s full of cages and crying dogs fyi). The pride, expense and care put into these is hopefully apparent and as always, we can’t wait to meet you!