Starting off 2016

Starting off 2016

So it’s 2016 now! The frigid hands of January are currently gripping our Chicago-land area with an unbearable cold and all the while, your dog groomers are grinding ahead and planning for the future.

We thought we’d share with you all the plans and aspirations of your dog groomers for the 2016 year.

  1. We’re looking into a loyalty program! How cool would it be to offer points every time your dog is groomed and those points end up adding up to free grooms!? We’re sure that there are others offering this, but as far as we know, we’d be the only dog groomers in the area with a program like that. Another way we’re doing our best at innovating!
  2. A New Grooming Van?? We might be adding a new van to the fleet! Who would have thought that 6 months after opening, there would be such a demand for the Wet Noses way of mobile grooming that we’d need another van!
  3. New Groomer(s) – As our business grows, we will obviously require additional dog groomers. Don’t worry though, Jessica will still be grooming, but handling all the clients we already have is a lot of work, not to mention all of the additional ones we add through the 2016 year.
  4. More Charity Work – We love charity and helping out others. Once the dust of a new company (and new baby.. well 1.5 yr old) settles some more and we add some extra staff, Jessica and I will be looking to use our free time to do all manner of charity work. We’d really like to focus on dog and children related ones since those are near to our hearts, if you have any ideas, we’d love to hear them!

Well those are the big 4 we’re focusing on for the time being at least. I’m sure that list will grow exponentially as the weeks chug along. We look forward to seeing you and grooming your dogs in the new year!


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