PAWfest 2017- Lots Of New Friends, Plenty Of Hugs & Grooming Services With A Smile

PAWfest 2017- Lots Of New Friends, Plenty Of Hugs & Grooming Services With A Smile

At Wet Noses Mobile Grooming, our mission is simple- to make sure that our four legged companions look and feel pawsome! For over 25 years, we’ve been visiting neighborhoods all over Chicago and putting big smiles on the faces of both furry pets and owners alike. We’ve known plenty of clients who treat their pets just like their own children- that’s the kind of paw-print a pet can make on your heart!

Whilst our mobile dog grooming services help your dogs stay clean and stylish, we haven’t forgotten about the number of less fortunate dogs who have never had a loving home. Dogs that are treated like toys, that have been cruelly abused, that have been abandoned by their previous owners or those that will be put down soon- there are so many lovable canines in our city that have a heart breaking story to tell. Which is why Wet Noses Mobile Grooming has been working alongside the Animal House Shelter, which is a nonprofit organization, for years. Each animal that walks into the shelter home is treated with respect and showered with lots of belly tickles and love. Most importantly, the animals are given free vet care which includes vaccinations and are ready to be adopted anytime by their new families.

So, of course when The Animal House Shelter announced that it was going to have a PAWfest in the month of July, we just had to be there! These fun doggie carnivals give pets the op-pur-tunity to meet and interact with other dogs while their owners get to have a bit of fun themselves. Face painting for kids, slides and games were a few other attractions here that were a big hit. We’re happy to report that all the dogs who visited our stall got little treats to keep their hunger pangs away and went home looking super dapper. As you know, any money that is made goes directly to the Animal House Shelter and our team of mobile dog groomers were able to contribute a bumper amount of $ 1000 by the end of the day. Paw 5!

Working with dogs and cats is our passion and just like you deserve some pampering every now and then, so do they! Call us on 847-345-5246 to check out our range of services and visit to read the great things that other puppy owners have to say about our groomers.

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