Project Description

Katrina P.

Meet Katrina! She’s been grooming dogs for 13 years! She has 4 beautiful daughters and a Dachshund named Autumn. She grooms cats as well as dogs! She’s an animal lover through and through. Her favorite dogs to groom are Yorkies and Dachshunds.

Our rescued 2-year-old pup Enzo has some reactivity and fear-aggression issues, so he wouldn’t be good in a normal grooming situation with lots of strangers and strange dogs around. Katrina was wonderful with him and I will definitely call her when Enzo needs another grooming. She took very good care of him and was also helpful in noticing some dry skin in his ears that I had the vet take a look at.

Amy A.

Wet noses is an outstanding company that is great to work with. We have a 100+ lb yellow lab (Marley)who can be a challenge do to his size. Katrina does an outstanding job working with him to get him in the van and does a great job grooming him. We will continue using Wet Noses and would highly recommend them to anyone who asks

Bob T