We Now Offer Mobile Grooming in Lake in the Hills!

We Now Offer Mobile Grooming in Lake in the Hills!

We Now Offer Mobile Grooming in Lake in the Hills!


Good news! Wet Noses Mobile Dog Grooming is now offering dog grooming in Lake in the Hills! You’ll probably be seeing our grooming vans cruising around in no time! I have actually moved to Lake in the Hills so we now have vans stationed out towards Schaumburg and in lake in the hills / crystal lake area. This means more timely grooming appointment offerings, less drive time for our groomers and a happier you!

So far, I have been loving it out here, the people and the landscape are great and getting away from the hustle and bustle a little bit has been a great treat (besides Randall Rd amirite??).

While we are writing this blog post this afternoon, we may as well provide an update about our dog grooming company. 2017 was a great year for Wet Noses and we are really looking forward to a great 2018 and will keep looking ahead. Thanks to our terrific groomers and our amazing clients who are happy to tell others about their great experience we continue to be recognized for the great service that we provide. I can’t repeat how thankful we are.

The girls put in so much work every day, both with your dogs and behind the scenes. Especially with this weather, keeping grooming vans warm, unfrozen and properly operational is a lot of work, a lot of cold and takes dedication. These groomers get to the vans early, make sure they’re stocked and check to make sure everything is A-OK before they get on their way. We want to give them the recognition they deserve and be sure to give an extra thank you when you see them next 🙂

Well, that’s it for this post and I will talk to you all very soon!

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