Looking for Mobile Dog Groomers in Bartlett?

Finding – then selecting a dog groomer in your area may not be as easy as it seems. A quick Google search will quickly display a number of options for you to choose from, which is great! But from there – who do you go with?

Is groomer ‘A’ going to show up on time?

Does groomer ‘B’ hire whoever applies without regard to how experienced they are? 

Why does groomer C through F not even have a website?? 


Our pets are our children, our family and our most loyal friends and handing them off to just anyone is absolutely out of the question. Chances are, you’re looking for a mobile groomer in the first place, because you’re concerned about the conditions and the details of taking your dog to an ordinary pet shop groomer – so of course you’re going to make the decision of picking your dog groomer carefully. The list is really for anyone trying to decide on which mobile groomer to choose, but we’ve tailored this very slightly based on what we’ve seen in the Bartlett area.

Wet Noses Mobile Grooming is located about 4-5 minutes away from Bartlett and we’ve done our research on all area groomers and here’s some advise – trying to be objective as possible.


1.) Rule Out Any Mobile Groomer Without A Website

If you’re browsing the web, with no inclination towards one groomer or another, you can easily rule out anyone without a website.

“Why’s that?”

Simple. Because as a customer you need to know about them, right? When they started, how much experience do they have, customer reviews, what their van looks like, even what your groomer will look like and as a groomer and a business, they should absolutely want to make that information easy and accessible.  Wet Noses Grooming had a website in place (granted, a modest one) before we even had a grooming van to make sure everything was ready and in place when we accepted our first client.


2.) Avoid Chains/Franchises

We’ve seen that a lot of the time, out of say, 5 dog groomers  – the one with the lowest customer rating seems to always be the franchise groomer. Besides business-side vetting, a franchise is more than happy about adding a new franchisee and as long as the money is put up all is well. The instant name recognition is good for the franchise owner, not the dog or the client and the ratings show it. Building a mobile grooming business from scratch takes a level of skill and service that is not necessarily required or developed by those who go the franchise route and again, the reviews show it. So these types of mobile groomers can be checked off of your list.

3.) Go With the Groomer That Gives You the Most Information

We’ve stated before that Wet Noses doesn’t receive any extra money, nor are we paid to write any of the helpful content on our site. We do it for the benefit and enjoyment of our customers and for people new to our website/brand. We want you to make informed decisions and to be comfortable and happy with your decision :). To do so, we take the time to write these blogs and try to think up ways to better help every dog owner, whether they choose our mobile service or not. These are the sort of character traits you want in your mobile groomer 🙂

4.) “We’re Not Taking Anymore Clients” Is Not A Sign of the

Best Groomer

It may not be everyone’s opinion, but we are of the mindset that on a customer side – it is sort of a rude/self-gratifying thing to say, especially when you hear it, it is often said ‘haughtily.’ On the business side – we think it is a bad move as well and just shake our heads as we happily accommodate those refused by others. It may cause us extra work, stress and expense, but we do it because we strive to be the best, we do it because we want every pet to have a wonderful groom and we do it to spread the good word. Those groomers who “Aren’t taking anymore clients” may not even have many clients. Often times it is a owner-operator type business and they only work 2-3 short days per week, so don’t automatically think this has anything to do with demand, quality or pricing.

In writing this, we really tried our best not to be sanctimonious about ourselves or to put anyone else down. However, these are real issues and details of the mobile grooming business and it is the dog owner’s goal to make the best, informed decision and we’re merely trying to accommodate you in doing so. If you’re in the Bartlett area, we wish you luck and hope to be talking with you soon. From Barrington to Carol Stream and from Elgin to Elk Grove, if you’re reading this – we’re sure it applies to you too so keep these hints in mind when selecting the perfect mobile groomer for you 🙂

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