Looking for a Dog Groomer in Barrington?

If so, you’re in luck. We have the solution you need. 

If you’re a dog owner in Barrington, chances are you need a dog groomer. Now, you could decide to drive your pet to a shop, drop him or her off and pick them up at a later time – but is that really necessary? Is it the best thing for your dog? Are you looking for alternatives?

Using a mobile dog grooming service, really takes the hassle and stress (for you and your dog!) out of dog grooming. We come in a specially built mobile grooming van, right on your property (or in the street, if preferred). You hand us your dog and we do the rest! No stress, worry or leaving the house!

The mobile dog grooming wave has really started to rise recently and once you try it yourself, you’ll certainly see why. For just a few extra dollars your dog stays safer, happier and is back lounging around the house and spending time with your family quicker!

We’ve groomed in dog grooming salons before and to be honest, it is a little depressing. Seeing scared or nervous dogs shaking in their cages for hours on end, wondering where they are and where their owners are, being in the extremely loud and raucous environment because some dogs tend to bark or cry for hours – it is not a heartwarming sight.

The reasons above are why we knew when we opened our own dog grooming business that it had to be a mobile one.

Give us a try!

Your dog and your daily schedule will thank you 🙂

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