Happy New Years 2016 From Your Mobile Dog Groomers!

Happy New Years 2016 From Your Mobile Dog Groomers!

Happy New Year to all of our clients and their wonderful owners! What a fun (and busy!) year it has been. As we travel onward into the new year, we wanted to thank everyone who has booked with us and who continues to do so. A mobile dog grooming business has been a dream of Jessica’s for so long and we are so happy that it has been up and running smoothly for awhile now. The year ahead looks great for Wet Noses Dog Grooming and we certainly aim to keep it that way. We are expecting a new main grooming van, an additional grooming van and perhaps even a new dog groomer or two in the not-so-distant future which we are really excited about. Everyone has been so nice and we are so happy to have the opportunity to meet all of you and your wonderful dogs – we look forward to getting to know everyone even better and we hope you’ve liked us as well!

Additionally this year we aim to roll out some booking incentive programs, such as more iPads and even having a rewards program to gain points every time you have your dog groomed by us! How cool is that?

A lot of businesses in dog grooming, we feel, are nestled too far in the same groove, the whole “come to your home, groom, repeat.” is great, but from day one with our website, our online booking and the way we treat our clients and their pets has been because we strive to go above and beyond – it comes natural to us and all of you seem to like it – which makes us happy!

Here’s to a safe, productive and bright new year, we’ll be seeing you all very soon!

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