Do You Live Outside Our Mobile Grooming Service Area?

Do You Live Outside Our Mobile Grooming Service Area?

Not to Worry, There’s Still Hope! 

So you’ve arrived at our site, poked around through all the beautiful pages, like what you see and want us to be your dog groomer. So naturally you go to our mobile grooming Service Area page before you decide to book online and


Your town, while still in the Northwest Suburbs, is not in our mobile grooming service area.

“Now What”

Well, as stated above, there may indeed still be hope. As long as your town isn’t too far away (if you’re worried it is, shoot us a quick message and we’ll tell you, we’re great at fast responses) and there are 3 or more dogs to be groomed that day in the same town we can make it out to you. For example, say you live in Elburn IL, too far for small 1 off stops, but say you have 2 dogs and your neighbor has one and your aunt who lives in town also has one and we can schedule them all on the same day, we will be happily arriving in your ‘burb! Besides that, you’ll have to wait until we extend our service area, which we can happily report is happening quick, we just added Naperville and Wheaton!

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