Did your last dog groomer have a blog?

Did your last dog groomer have a blog?

How was your last groomer? Did they do much to let you know all about them and their business? This is something I’ve been wondering to myself for awhile now about other groomers. When researching for our business plan we sampled a hefty amount of local dog grooming business, both mobile and stationary and what we found was slightly confusing.

I’m sure a large part of it has to do with the fact that I came from an online marketing/development background, but in today’s age and with the importance of an internet presence – there really does seem to be a lack of online presence by some other dog groomers.

Not having a good web presence does not mean you’re a bad business owner or dog groomer and maybe it is just us, but we certainly like to make a good impression on our potential customers even before they’ve met us – which means by having a beautiful website.

Not everyone has a husband or knows how to conduct online marketing, but I feel that even if we were in the same boat, we would pay someone to make it look great. Not a quick skin up by GoDaddy or anything like that – but a proper, well functioning site.

Why A Blog 

Whether or not there are currently a ton of people reading our blog doesn’t matter a whole lot to us. We feel that one day there very well may be a ton of people reading our blog and connecting with our brand. We like to post updates about our business, taking the opportunity to say “Merry Christmas” and letting our customers see that we’re a family business ran by real people.

We don’t have ads on our site, we don’t directly make money and no one is paying us to write these blogs or keep the website running, yet still we take the time out of our days to write to our customers and to let future customers know who we are.

This is our family business and we treat it as such. Every customer we acquire, we appreciate and we are so happy to have you in our dog grooming family. Taking a little bit of time out of each day or week is no burden, it is a privilege and writing updates for you guys is not just good business sense, we feel it is good manners.


-Your Favorite Mobile Dog Groomers

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