Chicago Wolves & Wet Noses Mobile Dog Grooming Have Officially Teamed Up!


Earlier this summer, we here at Wet Noses Mobile Dog Grooming were pleasantly surprised to receive an email from none other than the Chicago Wolves hockey team! They had inquired as to whether or not we would be interested in bringing our mobile dog grooming expertise to the table to help some dogs in need.

Of course we said YES!

Turns out that the Chicago Wolves has been working closely with the Animal Welfare League in Glenview IL website here – and wanted us to lend a hand doing some grooming for dogs in need of adoption and who were going to be at the Allstate Arena for the Adopt-a-Dog drive that the Chicago Wolves host (read more about it here)

We’ve agreed to groom the dogs on the day of the drive which is held once per month throughout the Wolves’ season and couldn’t be happier that we were asked to help out!

Whether it is providing dog grooming fundraising for the Animal House Foundation, donating our efforts to local events and now with the Wolves & the Animal Welfare League, we’re so happy that we have the reputation, the time and extra resources to be able to help dogs in need. 2017 has been quite the busy year for us but it is times like this, when we look back at the good we’ve done that makes it all worth it.

Much more will be written on this as our partnership continues, we’ll have the Wolves video crew on-site a day or two for us, we’ll be producing videos and you MIGHT even see us on the news! 🙂

The first date is October 14th so if you’re in the Glenview area, feel free to stop by the Wet Noses Mobile Dog Grooming van and say hello!

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