5 Questions to Ask Your New Dog Groomer

5 Questions to Ask Your New Dog Groomer

Just like toddlers, dogs and cats too have their own likes, dislikes and distinct personalities. Many pets also take time to get used to being around unfamiliar people and if they feel threatened, even the most docile canine can become aggressive. It is for this reason alone that many pet owners shy away from seeking the help of a professional mobile dog grooming service, simply because they aren’t sure if their pet is genuinely in safe hands or not. With enough horror stories going around about the cruel manner in which pet salons groom dogs, this kind of parent anxiety is understandable.

So, here are our top 5 suggestions on the right questions to ask a professional groomer before he or she grooms your furry pal:

  1. How many years of experience do you have?

The more experience that a groomer has with handling different types of dogs and breeds, the more likely it is that your pet will have a relaxed and stress free experience.

  1. Have you groomed my dog’s breed before?

No two dogs are alike and each breed has a different coat and skin type. You should know if your groomer has had experience in handling your pet’s breed before.

  1. My dog has an anxiety problem and hates baths. How do you plan on handling him?

Anxiety issues are common in pets and sometimes even the sound of running water and unfamiliar bathing agents can make them visibly uncomfortable. Professional mobile dog grooming services like Wet Noses has groomers who are adept in soothing dogs and winning their trust in no time. Don’t shy away from asking a groomer on how they plan to handle your dog in case such a situation comes up.

  1. My dog has very dry skin and sheds hair all the time. What can I do to address this?

Any professional groomer knows that a bath needs to be customized to suit a dog’s skin and coat requirements and will recommend the best one for your pet. Don’t hesitate to tell the groomer if you have noticed any skin infections, sores or wounds on your pet.

  1. Will my dog be kept in a crate during the grooming session?

Pet salons are notorious for keeping dogs in crates until it is their turn to be groomed. At Wet Noses Mobile Grooming Service, we never keep your dog crated. This is because we give personal grooming attention to just one dog at a time and hence reduce any pet discomfort.

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