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Our Mobile Dog Grooming service brings with it over 25 years of experience and is the highest rated and most reviewed dog grooming service in the area. We want you and your dog to be happy, comfortable and confident in us, so feel free to browse our site! From the Meet Your Mobile Groomers page to “Touring our Mobile Dog Grooming Vans“, everything we do is with you and your dog in mind. 

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Why Choose Wet Noses Mobile Grooming?

When looking for a groomer, one must ask if the groomer can efficiently and politely communicate what your pet needs, or what additional treatment it may require? Are they efficient getting in and out of your driveway with a large van? Do they have the experience and credentials to groom your pet safety, properly and efficiently? Can they arrive to your home with the best that 21st century technology can offer? We can.


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Top of the Line. Safe. Efficient. Unmatched.

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You’re going to love the dog groomer who arrives at your house.

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We take pride in giving you and your pet personalized attention.

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Base Services

Full Grooming

Your pet is in good hands with us! Let your favorite get the best care in our center.


Our team of pet hair stylists is happy to make your animal look pretty and happy.

Bath & Dry

We use a big range of shampoos for all different coat types and breeds.

Medical Bath

Bathing in our vet bath, using an appropriate shampoo that is kind to pet’s skin.

They're the best in the biz and they're here to groom

Meet Your Mobile Dog Groomers

Jessica – Mobile Dog Groomer
Jessica – Mobile Dog Groomer
Jessica is the founder and lead dog groomer at Wet Noses Mobile Dog Grooming. She has been grooming dogs for just over 10 years and clients just...
Tori – Mobile Dog Groomer
Tori – Mobile Dog Groomer
Tori is always happy to see her clients and loves dog grooming! She is no stranger to dogs, growing up in a 4 – large dog household! She...
Katrina – Mobile Dog Groomer
Katrina – Mobile Dog Groomer
Meet Katrina! She’s been grooming dogs for 11 years! She has 4 beautiful daughters, and a dachshund named autumn. She is our cat groomer as well...
Nicole – Mobile Dog Groomer
Nicole – Mobile Dog Groomer
Nicole has been grooming dogs for 5 years. She’s amazing with all the dogs, she’s very sweet and gentle. She always has a smile on her face. She...

Have You Seen our Brand New Grooming Vans?

Tori did an amazing job with my dog Paisley!! I wanted to try something different as Paisley was shaking everytime I took her to the vet to be groomed! I'm so happy we tried Wet Noses! Paisley looked so beautiful!! She is getting groomed again tomorrow!! I can't wait to see her all groomed and beautiful again! Thank you!!

Just completed the first visit with Tori of Wet Noses Mobile Grooming. I have a senior Chihuahua mix who is shy (and I know I spoil him too). I was very satisfied with the service, Tori’s arrival was prompt, she was very considerate and understanding of my little boy. I am a permanent client now and am so happy I made the phone call this morning….and was lucky enough to be able to have an appointment today also. All we needed done this morning was getting his nails trimmed (way, way too overgrown) but I will be using other services in the future. I will and do recommend Wet Noses to anyone who doesn’t want to trust their furry friends to a grooming “facility” for whatever reason (I would never leave my boy alone and worry about him all the while he was there).

Great, friendly service! I’m so very well satisfied!

They are the best with my dog! We use to take her to a place and she was the same and we tried mobile with wet noses and she always comes back happy!

Tyler S

Wet Noses Mobile Grooming is amazing!! We’re so glad we found them. I called and left a message, which was returned within a short amount of time. I was able to book an appointment within just a few short days – great customer service. They came out to our house and groomed Casper (our golden doodle) in their mobile van. Casper totally loved it and didn’t want to let her leave when she was finished. Not only did he look great, but he smelled amazing as well. We highly recommend them and will not be going anywhere else anymore. We have even recommended them to several of our friends as well. Such a Great experience!

Always taking great care of Cookie and Duke!!! Cookies wants to go home with them every time. I highly recommend them!!!

Adriana S

This was our first mobile groomer experience and this is the way to go and not just for the convenience and amazing job done! Wet Noses was on time, personable, and our furry babies loved, Nicole! We have 2, 50 pound Australian Shepard mix dogs who are in prime shed season. They both look amazing and are so happy, too! We have already scheduled our next appointment.

Specially Curated By Our Experts

Deluxe Add-On Packages

Dry Skin Package
Does your dog suffer from seasonal or regular dry, flaky or itchy skin? We have put together a moisturizing package to help relieve this ailment

$15+ Grooming Price
The Wet Noses Package
A package worthy of our namesake! It includes your choice of special shampoo,conditioner, teeth brushing and more! 
$12+ Regular Grooming Price
Day Spa Package
Your dog could be begging for a day of pampering and you may not even know it (so we always say to get it, just in case)!
$15+ Grooming Price